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  • Need a five letter word that starts with 'P' and ends with 'X'? Enter p***x or p???x. This is a great tool for finishing a puzzle!
  • To specify the pattern of the answer and also provide a clue or partial clue simply put the pattern first like p***x glass.
  • Want a 4-letter answer to the clue 'River city'? Enter river city (4) or 4 letters river city
  • Don't care about the answer length? Just enter river city
  • Clue has a blank like 'Veni ___ vici'? Use a few underscores like veni ___ vici
  • No need to type capital letters or quote marks. Use plain letters A to Z without accent marks.
  • If a search fails, try using just the two or three most significant words in the clue. Also try using alternative words that are equivalent or more general; for instance, replace "nickname" with "name".