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Atlanta-to-Tampa dir. (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer SSE is very common and appears about once every 37 puzzles.

Related Clues

157.5° to a mariner
Compass dir.
Compass direction
Compass point
Compass pt.
Compass reading
Direction: Abbr.
Mariner's abbr.
Mariner's direction
Mariner's reading
NNW opp.
NNW's opposite
Opp. of NNW
Opposite of NNW
Skipper's dir.
Wind dir.
Wind direction
Bikini-to-Fiji dir.
Birmingham-to-Montgomery dir.
Buffalo-to-Olean dir.
Burlington-to-Brattleboro dir.
Chicago-to-Tampa dir.
Edinburgh-to-London dir.
Fresno-to-L.A. dir.
Khartoum-to-Nairobi dir.
Maui-to-Hawaii dir.
Memphis-to-Mobile dir.
Moscow-to-Volgograd dir.
Reno-to-L.A. dir.
Seattle-to-L.A. direction
Scranton-to-Philadelphia dir.
Toledo-to-Columbus dir.
Venice-to-Naples dir.
Wind direction: Abbr.
Abilene-to-San Antonio dir.
Reno-to-Carson City dir.
Reno-to-Las Vegas dir.
Seattle-to-Las Vegas dir.


SSE as a noun:

1. (south southeast, sou'-sou'-east, SSE) = the compass point midway between south and southeast