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The answer ADE is very common and appears about once every 35 puzzles.

Related Clues

Author George
Cool drink
Cooler cooler
Drink suffix
Fruit punch
Fruity drink
Hoosier fabulist
Hoosier humorist
Humorist George
Lemon drink
Lemon or orange
Orange drink
Stock ending
Suffix with block
Suffix with cannon
Summer cooler
Summer drink
Summer quaff
Summer quencher
Summer refresher
Thirst quencher
Author of "The College Widow"
Commercial suffix with Gator
Drink made from a packet
Ending for AriZona flavors
Ending for block or brig
"Fables in Slang" author
Lime or lemon follower
Sidewalk stand offering
Stock or block follower
Suffix on fruit names
Suffix with fruit names
Suffix with lemon or orange
"The Sultan of Sulu" playwright
"The Sultan of Sulu" writer
He wrote "The College Widow"
He wrote "The County Chairman"
He wrote "Fables in Slang"
Humorist famous for juicy stories?
George who wrote "Fables in Slang"
U. S. humorist: 1866-1944


ADE as a noun:

1. (fruit drink, ade) = a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice