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Big-mouthed carnivorous dinosaur, for short (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer TREX is common and appears about once every 325 puzzles.

Related Clues

Bygone carnivore
Fearsome dino
Frightening dinosaur
Terrifying dino
Big museum attraction
Bygone terror, for short
Cloned menace of film
Extinct carnivore, familiarly
Fearsome dinosaur, for short
"Jurassic Park" menace
"Jurassic Park" terror
"The Lost World" menace
Prehistoric predator, for short
Prehistoric terror, informally
Attraction at Chicago's Field Museum
Big-jawed dinosaur, for short
Creature in a "King Kong" fight
"Jurassic Park" beast, briefly
"Jurassic Park" beast, for short
"Jurassic Park" giant, informally
"Jurassic Park" menace, briefly
"Jurassic Park" terror, for short
"The Lost World" menace, briefly
Natural hist. museum attraction
Natural History Mus. display
Natural history museum attraction
Natural history museum display
Fearsome display at a natural history museum
Paleontological wonder at a natural history museum