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Center of a simile (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ASA is very common and appears about once every 45 puzzles.

Related Clues

___ precaution
___ rule
Biblical king
Big ___ house
Blind ___ bat
Botanist Gray
Drunk ___ skunk
Flat ___ pancake
Free ___ bird
Happy ___ lark
Hard ___ rock
Hebrew for "healer"
High ___ kite
Jehoshaphat's father
A king of Judah
King in Kings
"...lovely ___ tree"
"___ matter of fact..."
Naked ___ jaybird
Nutty ___ fruitcake
Quick ___ flash
Quick ___ wink
Rep. Hutchinson
Result preceder
___ rule (normally)
___ rule (usually)
Simile center
Simile part
Simile words
Simile's center
Sly ___ fox
Smart ___ whip
Solid ___ rock
Big-house connector
Fat-pig filler?
Hard-rock filler
King in I Kings
As mad ___ wet hen
Matter of fact introduction?
Third king of Judah
U.S. botanist Gray
Jolson's true first name