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Compass reading (3 letter answer)

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The answer NNW is uncommon, appearing about once every 375 puzzles.

Related Clues

Cap'n's heading
Capt.'s heading
Compass dir.
Compass heading
Compass pt.
Direction at the helm
Hurricane dir.
Opp. of SSE
Opposite SSE
Opposite of SSE
Pilothouse dir.
SSE's opposite
Vane reading
Wind dir.
Dir. from Paris to Calais
Fla.-Ore. dir.
Houston-to-Dallas dir.
L.A.-to-Reno dir.
L.A.-to-Seattle dir.
N.Y.-to-Ore. dir.
Paris-to-Calais dir.
Shanghai-to-Beijing dir.
Tucson-to-Flagstaff dir.
Weather report abbr.
Fort Myers-to-Tampa dir.
Kansas City-to-Omaha dir.
L.A.-to-Las Vegas dir.
San Antonio-to-Amarillo dir.


NNW as a noun:

1. (north northwest, nor'-nor'-west, NNW) = the compass point that is midway between north and northwest