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Dickens's hateful clerk (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer HEEP is uncommon, appearing about once every 400 puzzles.

Related Clues

'Umble one
Copperfield adversary
Dickens clerk
Dickens creep
Dickens forger
Dickens heavy
Dickens schemer
Dickens villain
Dickens's Uriah
Dickens's Uriah ___
Micawber's boss
Villainous Uriah
Blackmailer in an 1850 novel
"David Copperfield" character
Dickens's "umble person"
Dickens's villainous clerk
Smarmy Dickens character
Sneak exposed by Micawber
Villain in "David Copperfield"
Mr. Wickfield's clerk, in literature
Perfidious clerk in "David Copperfield"
Wickfield's scheming partner in "David Copperfield"