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Double turn (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ESS is very common and appears about once every 26 puzzles.

Related Clues

Ar follower
Ar's follower
Beginning of summer?
Bend in a river
Cousin of -enne
Curvaceous character
Curve shape
Double curve
Feminine suffix
Hardly a beeline
Hook shape
Kin of ette
Kind of curve
Kind of turn
Mountain curve
Music center?
Road curve
Road twist
Scout leader?
Series opener?
Serpentine shape
Sigmoid curve
Sinuous shape
Snaky letter
Stanford letter
Swelled head?
Switchback's relative
Tee preceder
Tee predecessor
Twisty curve
Alpine road feature
Ar-tee connection
Coveted Scrabble tile
Figure-eight half
Grand Prix feature
Non-P.C. suffix
Scrabble 1-pointer
Tilde's shape, loosely
Curve to test a driver's nerve