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Euripedes tragedy (5 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer MEDEA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 190 puzzles.

Related Clues

Euripides drama
Euripides play
Euripides tragedy
Greek sorceress
Jason's helpmate
Jason's mate
Jason's rescuer
Jason's sorceress
Jason's wife
Jiltee of myth
Mythical enchantress
Mythical sorceress
Sorceress of myth
Tragedy by Euripides
Tragedy by Seneca
Wife of Jason
Charpentier opera subject
Daughter of King Aeëtes
Femme fatale of myths
Girl of the Golden Fleece
Jason betrayed her
Jason's wife, in myth
Jason's wife in mythology
Judith Anderson role
Judith Anderson vehicle
Role for Judith Anderson
She abetted Jason
Zoë Caldwell role
Jason's ally and lover, in myth
Princess who helped Jason
Sorceress whom Jason wed
Tragic woman in Greek drama
Jason's vengeful ex-wife, in myth


MEDEA as a noun:

1. (Greek mythology) a princess of Colchis who aided Jason in taking the Golden Fleece from her father