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Factoid for fantasy baseball (4 letter answer)

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The answer STAT is seen frequently, appearing about once every 50 puzzles.

Related Clues

E.R.A. is one
"At once!"
Assists, e.g.
Carries, e.g.
Census fig.
Copy, for short
"ER" order
E.r.a., e.g.
E.r.a., to Guidry
E.r.a. or r.b.i.
Gyro follower
Immediately, to a surgeon
Law: Abbr.
Math item
Office copy
"P.D.Q., doc!"
Photo finish?
Photo repro
Photocopy, for short
R.b.i., e.g.
R.b.i. or e.r.a.
Right away
Saves, e.g.
Saves, say
Sports figure
Surgeon's order
Weight, e.g.
Goals against, e.g.
"Immediately!," in the operating room
Interceptions or yards rushing
Number on a baseball card
Office copy, for short
Photo or hemo follower
Photo or thermo follower
Record keeper's concern
Temperature regulator, informally
1 out of 3, e.g.
6'9" or 72% free throw avg.