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Frankenstein's aide in films (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer IGOR is very common and appears about once every 46 puzzles.

Related Clues

Borodin's "Prince ___"
Borodin's prince
Composer Stravinsky
Conductor Buketoff
Dmitri's compatriot
Engineer Sikorsky
Frankenstein factotum
Frankenstein's assistant
Frankenstein's helper
Harpsichordist Kipnis
Inventor Sikorsky
Lab assistant
Mr. Sikorsky
Operatic prince
Prince of opera
Dr. Frankenstein's aide
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant
Dr. Frankenstein's helper
Helicopter man Sikorsky
Nobel physicist Tamm
Pet bat in "The Munsters"
Plane designer Sikorsky
Role in "Young Frankenstein"
Young Frankenstein's assistant
Marty's role in "Young Frankenstein"
Pet bat in TV's "The Munsters"
Real-estate mogul Olenicoff
Role in a Mel Brooks film