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Hasso, for one (5 letter answer)

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The answer SWEDE is seen frequently, appearing about once every 160 puzzles.

Related Clues

Nobel, for one
Wilander, for one
ABBA member
Bergman or Borg
Bjorn Borg, for one
Celsius, e.g.
Citizen of Malmö
Dag Hammarskjöld, for one
Edberg or Borg
Garbo or Bergman
Garbo, by birth
Garbo, e.g.
Hammarskjöld, e.g.
Jenny Lind, for one
Native of Lund
Native of Malmö
Native of Stockholm
Netman Edberg is one
Nobel or Celsius
Nobel was one
Stockholm citizen
Stockholm native
Stockholm resident
Uppland inhabitant
Ann-Margret, by birth
Bjorn Borg, e.g.
Charles XII was one
Ingmar Bergman, e.g.
Jenny Lind, e.g.
Nobel or Celsius, e.g.
Queen Christina, e.g.
Wilander of tennis, e.g.
Botanist Carl Linnaeus, for one
Ingrid Bergman or Bjorn Borg
Writer Stieg Larsson, e.g.
Singer of the anthem "Sång till Norden"


SWEDE as a noun:

1. a native or inhabitant of Sweden
2. (rutabaga, turnip cabbage, swede, Swedish turnip, rutabaga plant, Brassica napus napobrassica) = a cruciferous plant with a thick bulbous edible yellow root
3. (rutabaga, swede, swedish turnip, yellow turnip) = the large yellow root of a rutabaga plant used as food