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He had his ups and downs (4 letter answer)

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The answer OTIS is very common and appears about once every 49 puzzles.

Related Clues

Actor Skinner
Elevator inventor
Elevator man
Elevator name
Elevator pioneer
Football's Armstrong
Inventor Elisha
Mayberry sot
"Miss ___ Regrets"
Miss ___ of song
Outfielder Amos
Pamphleteer of the 1760's
Patriot of '76
Patriotic pamphleteer
Regretful one, in songdom
Singer Redding
Sistrunk of the Raiders
Skinner of stage
Song miss
Supermodel Carré
Williams of the Temptations
Actress Cornelia ___ Skinner
Armstrong of N.F.L. fame
A colleague of Sam Adams
Elevator pioneer Elisha
A leading manufacturer of cars
Mayberry jail habitué
R&B pioneer Johnny
Redding of 60's soul
Sistrunk of N.F.L. fame
Soul singer Redding
U.S. inventor Elisha
Amos of the Kansas City Royals
___ & Carla, 60's singing duo
Former A.F.B. on Cape Cod
Former newspaper publisher ___ Chandler
He gave us a lift
Milo's pal, in a 1989 film
People mover since 1853
Tin Pan Alley regretter
U.S. statesman: 18th century
Company that once owned the trademark "Escalator"
Milo's title partner in a 1989 film
Redding who sang "The Dock of the Bay"


OTIS as a noun:

1. (Otis, Elisha Graves Otis) = United States inventor who manufactured the first elevator with a safety device (1811-1861)
2. (Otis, genus Otis) = type genus of the Otididae: European bustard