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Heather (5 letter answer)

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The answer ERICA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 80 puzzles.

Related Clues

Author Jong
Evergreen shrub
Heath genus
Heath plant
Heath shrub
Jong from N.Y.C.
Novelist Jong
Writer Jong
Jong with a "Fear of Fifty"
Jong of "Fear of Flying"
Low evergreen shrub
Noted soap vixen
Susan Lucci's character
Wilson famed for needlework
"All My Children" character
"All My Children" role
"All My Children" vixen
Jong who wrote "Fanny"
Longtime Susan Lucci role
Low-branched evergreen shrub
Pine Valley soap siren
Plant used for making pipes
Susan Lucci's Emmy role
The unmarried woman in "An Unmarried Woman"
Longtime "All My Children" role


ERICA as a noun:

1. (erica, true heath) = any plant of the genus Erica