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Imitates Marceau (5 letter answer)

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The answer MIMES is seen occasionally, appearing about once every 650 puzzles.

Related Clues

Marceau et al.
Chaplin and Tati
Dumb performers
Jesters, at times
Marceau and Skelton
Marcel Marceau et al.
Quiet actors
Silent performers
Silent types
Street performers
Tacit storytellers
Wordless comedians
Mummers like Marceau
Quietly tells a tale


MIME as a noun:

1. (mime, mimer, mummer, pantomimer, pantomimist) = an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression
2. (mime, pantomime, dumb show) = a performance using gestures and body movements without words

MIME as a verb:

1. (mimic, mime) = imitate (a person or manner), especially for satirical effect; "The actor mimicked the President very accurately"
2. (mime, pantomime) = act out without words but with gestures and bodily movements only; "The acting students mimed eating an apple"