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Islam's god (5 letter answer)

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The answer ALLAH is seen frequently, appearing about once every 150 puzzles.

Related Clues

"The Garden of ___"
"In the name of ___"
Abdul's Almighty
Deity for Meccans
God, in Gaziantep
God, to an Iranian
God, in Islam
God of the Koran
God, in the Koran
God to a Meccan
God, to a Muslim
Imam's deity
Islamic deity
Islamic God
Islam's deity
Kareem's God
Koran Creator
Koran focus
Koran topic
Leader of Islam
Moor's deity
Moslem deity
Muslim deity
Muslim's God
Prayer word
Shi'ite's deity
Abu Dhabi deity
"___ akbar" (Arab cry)
God to 1.2 billion
God "the most merciful"
He is praised at Mecca
His word is Kalam
Muslim's Supreme Being
Object of a hajji's praise
Object of many prayers
Oft-praised deity
Recipient of much praise
Subject of much praise
Supreme Moslem deity
Syrian's Supreme Being
Imam's Almighty
To whom a caliph prays
To whom Muslims pray
Subject of much Mideast praise
One who's called "the Merciful" and "the Compassionate"
He's prayed to five times a day


ALLAH as a noun:

1. Muslim name for the one and only God