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Korean president: 1948-60 (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer RHEE is common and appears about once every 200 puzzles.

Related Clues

Syngman ___
Korean leader
Korean name
Korean statesman
Korea's Syngman
Korea's Syngman ___
Noted Korean
Syngman of Korea
Syngman of Seoul
First president of Korea
Former Korean politician
Former Korean president
Korean leader Syngman ___
Korean War leader
Syngman ___ of S. Korea
Syngman of South Korea
One-time Korean president
'50s South Korean leader
First president of S. Korea
First president of South Korea
Korean president, 1948-60
Onetime S. Korean leader
President of Korea: 1948-60
S. Korea's first president
"Ellie ___," post-Civil War hit
Foreign leader exiled in Hawaii, 1960
President of South Korea: 1948-60
Prominent name in South Korean history
S. Korean president: 1948-60
South Korea's first president Syngman ___
Syngman ___, first president of South Korea