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Mailing courtesy, briefly (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer SASE is seen frequently, appearing about once every 190 puzzles.

Related Clues

Convenience for an ed.
Correspondent's encl.
Ed.'s request
Encl. with a manuscript
Encl. for a reply
Enclosure to an ed.
Enclosure with a MS.
Env. enclosure
Envelope encl.
Freelancer's enc.
Freelancer's encl.
Letter encl.
Ltr. enclosure
Manuscript encl.
MS. enclosure
Polite encl.
Postpaid encl.
Request from an ed.
Aid in answering: Abbr.
Business letter encl.
Correspondence courtesy: Abbr.
Correspondence courtesy inits.
Encl. to facilitate a response
Mail convenience: Abbr.
Oft-required enc.
Reply courtesy, briefly
Response facilitator: Abbr.
Return-mail acronym
Return mailer: Abbr.
Returned MS holder
Autograph collecting aid, for short
It may accompany a MS.
Junk mail encl., sometimes
A MS. might come back in it