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Market closing? (3 letter answer)

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The answer EER is very common and appears about once every 44 puzzles.

Related Clues

Always, to a bard
Always, to Keats
Always, in poems
Always, poetically
Always, in poetry
Always, to poets
Always, in verse
Auction conclusion
Ballad ending
Ballad's end?
Bard's "always"
Burns's always
Chariot chaser
Convention closer?
Election ending?
Ending for auction
Ending with ballad
Ending for mountain
Eternally, in poesy
Eternally, in poetry
Perpetually, poetically
Perpetually, to Pope
Poetic adverb
Poetic "always"
Poetic contraction
Poetic word
Poet's "eternally"
Puppet ending
Rocket follower
Suffix with cannon
Suffix with election
Suffix with musket
Suffix with puppet
Suffix with slogan
Tennyson's "always"
It's always in sonnets
Suffix with auction or profit
Suffix for pamphlet or sonnet
Suffix with racket or rocket
Suffix with rocket or racket