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Mink, for one (3 letter answer)

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The answer FUR is common and appears about once every 250 puzzles.

Related Clues

Chinchilla, for one
Animal enclosure
Animal's coat
Baum marten
Canine coat
Chinchilla, e.g.
Creature feature
Ermine, e.g.
Hare hair
It's a wrap
Kolinsky or chinchilla
Kolinsky, e.g.
Lassie's coat
Mink coat
Mink or ermine
Mink or sable
Mink's coat
Nutria or marten
PETA peeve
Raccoon, e.g.
Sable, e.g.
Shed stuff
Soft coat
Some trim
Stole material
Stole, perhaps
Trapper's haul
Warm covering
Warm lining
Winter wrap
Baum marten, e.g.
Grooms groom it
Nice winter coat
Sometimes it flies
What sometimes flies
It may be vaulted
Wearing this is a PETA peeve


FUR as a noun:

1. (fur, pelt) = the dressed hairy coat of a mammal
2. dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e.g., cat or seal or weasel)
3. a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal