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Mythical creature (3 letter answer)

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The answer ROC is seen frequently, appearing about once every 110 puzzles.

Related Clues

Aerial bomb
Army bomb
Army missile
Big bird
Bird in a fable
Bird of legend
Bird of myth
Fabled bird
Fabulous bird
Fabulous flier
___-A-Fella Records
Fox sitcom
Legendary bird
Legendary raptor
Mythical bird
Sinbad transporter
Sinbad's abductor
Sinbad's airlift
Sinbad's bird
Sindbad's flier
Taiwan, initially
Transport for Sinbad
Transportation for Sinbad
"Arabian Nights" bird
Bird in the "Arabian Nights"
Eden ___, Riviera beach
Fabled elephant abductor
Guided aerial bomb
Legendary predator of elephants
Menace for Sinbad the sailor
Monstrous bird of myth
Remote-control bomb
Beast in a Marco Polo tale
Charles S. Dutton sitcom
Creature mentioned by Marco Polo
Elephant-eating bird of folklore
Enemy in the 1980s arcade game Arabian
Sindbad hid behind its egg


ROC as a noun:

1. mythical bird of prey having enormous size and strength