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Of Oslo origin (5 letter answer)

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The answer NORSE is seen frequently, appearing about once every 140 puzzles.

Related Clues

The Scandinavians
Ancient explorers
Bergen natives
Bergen resident
Language of Iceland
Like Vikings
Like the Vikings
Natives of Telemark
People of Scandinavia
Scandinavian group
Some Scandinavians
Swedes' neighbors
Vinland pioneers
West Scandinavians
Crew for Eric the Red
Early settlers of Iceland
Harald the Fairhead's people
Like the dragon Fafnir
Like Eric the Red
Like the myth of Ragnarok
Like Odin and Thor
Like some myths
Like Valhalla's heroes
Old Scandinavian tongue
Origin of the word "troll"
St. Olaf's subjects
Subjects of Olav V
They wrote in runes
Whence the word "troll"
Kind of mythology that influenced Tolkien


NORSE as a noun:

1. (Scandinavian, Norse, Northman) = an inhabitant of Scandinavia
2. (Norwegian, Norseman, Norse) = a native or inhabitant of Norway
3. (Scandinavian, Scandinavian language, Nordic, Norse, North Germanic, North Germanic language) = the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland

NORSE as an adjective:

1. (Scandinavian, Norse) = of or relating to Scandinavia or its peoples or cultures; "Norse sagas"; "Norse nomads"
2. (Norwegian, Norse) = of or relating to Norway or its people or culture or language; "Norwegian herring"