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Pakistanis, Burmese, etc. (6 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ASIANS is common and appears about once every 350 puzzles.

Related Clues

Afghans, e.g.
Bhutanese, e.g.
Burmese and Siamese
Chinese, e.g.
Chinese and Japanese
Huns, e.g.
Indians, e.g.
Japanese, e.g.
Japanese or Javanese
Kurds and Nepalis
Kurds and Turks
Laotians, e.g.
Orientals, e.g.
Poona natives
Some Indians
Some Russians
Tai and Lai
Tamils and Thais
Thais, e.g.
Tibetans and Thais
Mongol horde, e.g.
Thais and Chinese, e.g.
Vietnamese and Nepalese, e.g.
About 60% of the world's inhabitants
About 60% of the world's population
Ah Sin and Miss Saigon
More than 50% of humanity
Their Monday is our Sunday
Three-fifths of the world's people
More than 25% of immigrants to the U.S.
More than half the world's population
They occupy 30% of the earth's land


ASIAN as a noun:

1. (Asian, Asiatic) = a native or inhabitant of Asia