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Pizarro foe (4 letter answer)

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The answer INCA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 50 puzzles.

Related Clues

Ancient Andean
Ancient Peruvian
Ancient royal
Andean of old
Atahualpa, e.g.
Cuzco native
Cuzco resident
Early Andean
Early Peruvian
Empire builder
Native of Peru
Old Peruvian
Peruvian Indian
Peruvian native
Pizarro victim
Quechua speaker
Quechuan Indian
S. A. native
"Son of the Sun"
Son of the Sun
Victim of Pizarro
Viracocha worshiper
Ancestor of the Q'ero Indians
Andean sun worshiper
Andean sun-worshiper
Certain ancient mummy
Early empire builder
Llama herder of old
Machu Picchu dweller
Old-time Peruvian
S.A. Indian of old
South America's ___ Trail
Peru was his milieu
Terrace farming pioneers
The ___ Trail (route through Peru)


INCA as a noun:

1. a ruler of the Incas (or a member of his family)
2. (Inca, Inka, Incan) = a member of the small group of Quechuan people living in the Cuzco valley in Peru who established hegemony over their neighbors to create the great Inca empire that lasted from about 1100 until the Spanish conquest in the early 1530s