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Porkpie (3 letter answer)

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The answer HAT is seen frequently, appearing about once every 80 puzzles.

Related Clues

Broadbrim, for one
Old ___
Toque, for one
___ trick
Abzug adornment
Abzug trademark
Boater or bowler
Boater, e.g.
Broadbrim, e.g.
Busby or derby
Caubeen, e.g.
Cloche or toque
Deerstalker, e.g.
Derby, e.g.
Dicer or tile
Easter display
___ in hand (humbly)
Hockey "trick"
Milliner's sale
Monopoly token
Pillbox or porkpie
Rack item
Sailor or skimmer
Skimmer, e.g.
Sombrero, e.g.
Stetson, e.g.
Stetson or sombrero
Toque or cloche
Toque, e.g.
Toque or gibus
Uniform part
Cardinal's symbol of office
Item with a brim or crown
Item thrown in a ring
It's sometimes passed
Keep-under item
Kind of check or rack
It may be cocked
It may rest on a rack
Santa has a red and white one


HAT as a noun:

1. (hat, chapeau, lid) = headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
2. an informal term for a person's role; "he took off his politician's hat and talked frankly"

HAT as a verb:

1. put on or wear a hat; "He was unsuitably hatted"
2. furnish with a hat