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Pt. of the whole (3 letter answer)

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The answer PCT is common and appears about once every 275 puzzles.

Related Clues

%: Abbr.
.01, e.g.
Agt.'s concern
Agt.'s cut
Agt.'s reward
Agt.'s share
Agt.'s take
An agt.'s take
Bank abbr.
Banking abbr.
Cut for an agt.
Election fig.
For every hund.
Fraction: Abbr.
Hundredth: Abbr.
I.R.S. fig.
Poll fig.
Poll no.
Polling abbr.
Polling amt.
A proportion: Abbr.
Statistical abbr.
Tax fig.
Agent's cut: Abbr.
Batting avg., e.g.
Election Day no.
Election figure: Abbr.
Election-night abbr.
Election results abbr.
Fig. on an I.R.S. schedule
Hundredth part: Abbr.
One-hundredth part: Abbr.
Interest rate: Abbr.
Loan figure: Abbr.
Part of A.P.R.: Abbr.


PCT as a noun:

1. (percentage, percent, per centum, pct) = a proportion multiplied by 100