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Round Table assemblage (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer SIRS is seen frequently, appearing about once every 130 puzzles.

Related Clues

Dear ___
Bors and Kay
Brief salutation
Business salutation
A. C. Doyle et al.
Dear follower
"Dear" ones
Dear ones?
Generic addressees
Knighted ones
Lancelot and others
Letter opener
Madams' partners
Salutation of a sort
They're dubbed
Titles for baronets
Business-letter greeting
Dear ones in letters
Dear people of letters
Formal letter opening
Impersonal letter starter
Old letter opener
Old letter salutation
Paul McCartney and others
Sexist letter start
Old-fashioned letter opener
Rudolf Bing and Noël Coward
Word often followed by a colon
Patrick Stewart and Alan Cumming, e.g.


SIR as a noun:

1. term of address for a man
2. a title used before the name of knight or baronet