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Security device (6 letter answer)

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The answer SENSOR is uncommon, appearing about once every 500 puzzles.

Related Clues

Detecting device
Ear or eye
Impulse conveyer
Motion detector
Perceptive device
Photoelectric cell
Photoelectric eye
Signaling device
Electric eye, e.g.
Electric eye, for instance
Heat detector, e.g.
Light-detecting device
Motion detector, e.g.
Part of an electric eye
Part of a security system
Security system component
Security system part
Stimulus-response device
Device connected to a control panel
Heat-detecting device, e.g.
Home security system component
It picks up readings
One picking up speed, say?
It might set off a light


SENSOR as a noun:

1. (detector, sensor, sensing element) = any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc.) and responds to it in a distinctive manner