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Sharing adjective (3 letter answer)

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The answer OUR is seen frequently, appearing about once every 100 puzzles.

Related Clues

"___ Father ..."
"___ Father"
"___ Gang"
___ Lady of ...
One of ___ own
"___ Town"
___ Town
"___ American Cousin"
"Faith of ___ Fathers"
"___ Gang" comedies
Hemingway's "In ___ Time"
Maugham's "___ Betters"
Not their
Roth's "___ Gang"
Royal pronoun
Sharer's word
Wilder's "___ Town"
Your and my
1983 hit "___ ouse"
Certain prayer starter
Church name opener
Lord's Prayer beginning
Lord's Prayer start
"___ Love," 1939 song
Start of the Lord's Prayer
Word we share
1950 film "___ Very Own"
First word of the Lord's Prayer
"___ House," 1983 Madness hit
Natalie Cole hit "___ Love"
Not just my or your
Part of the translation of "anno Domini"
___ Planet (United Nations magazine)
Sinclair Lewis's "___ Mr. Wrenn"
Word before Father or Lady
"___ Little Girl," Shirley Temple film
The "O" of S O S, supposedly
S O S part, supposedly