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Shell food? (5 letter answer)

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The answer TACOS is common and appears about once every 300 puzzles.

Related Clues

Cantina fare
Chihuahua bites
Fiesta fare
Fiesta food
Folded food
Guadalajara dish
Guadalajara lunch
Mexican dish
Mexican edibles
Mexican fare
Mexican sandwiches
Mexican snacks
Snacks in shells
Snacks with shells
Snacks in Sonora
Snacks in Tijuana
Sonora snacks
Sonoran sandwiches
Sonoran snacks
Tijuana lunches
Tijuana treats
Tortilla treats
Cantina fast food
Dishes eaten with the hands
Fast-food items
Folded food items
Hand-held entrees
Mexican restaurant orders
Snacks in Santa Rosalia
South-of-the-border orders
Tex-Mex sandwiches
They come in shells
Dishes often containing cheese
Glen Bell's fast food
Some orders at Chipotle
Some are soft-shell
Tex-Mex fare with shells
They have edible shells
They may have soft shells


TACO as a noun:

1. (greaser, wetback, taco) = offensive terms for a person of Mexican descent
2. a tortilla rolled cupped around a filling