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Tee follower (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer VEE is seen frequently, appearing about once every 110 puzzles.

Related Clues

Center of gravity?
Certain neckline
Churchill symbol
Churchill's gesture
Churchill's sign
Civic center?
Dove's sign
Finger sign
Flashed sign
Flying formation
Geese formation
Kind of neckline
Neck design
___-neck sweater
Neckline shape
Neckline style
Neckline type
Neckline word
Notch's shape
Sign for Churchill
Sign of triumph
Sign of a winner
Skein formation
Type of neckline
Victory letter
Victory sign
Winner's letter
Winnie's sign
Double-U predecessor
Double u's predecessor
Flashed hand signal
Flying geese formation
Migratory formation on high
Shirt's neck shape
Sign flashed by Churchill
Two-finger sign