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"The Lord of the Rings" menace (3 letter answer)

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The answer ORC is seen frequently, appearing about once every 150 puzzles.

Related Clues

Frodo pursuer
Grampus or giant
Killer whale
Legendary beast
Mythical beast
Mythical monster
Sea monster
"The Silmarillion" creature
Tolkien baddie
Tolkien beast
Tolkien cannibal
Tolkien creature
Tolkien meanie
Tolkien monster
Tolkien terror
Dolphin family member
Dungeons & Dragons beast
Evil Tolkien creature
Evildoer in Tolkien tales
"The Lord of the Rings" critter
"The Lord of the Rings" enemy
"The Lord of the Rings" extra
Middle-earth mutant
Middle-earth baddie
Miltonian sea creature
Middle-earth creature
Fabled monster in English literature
Common Dungeons & Dragons foe