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"The Simpsons" saxophonist (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer LISA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 120 puzzles.

Related Clues

"Mona ___"
Mona ___
One of "The Simpsons"
One of the Simpsons
Actress Bonet
Actress Eichhorn
Actress Eilbacher
Actress Hartman
Actress Kudrow
Daughter of Homer
Jurgen's wife
Kudrow of "Friends"
Louvre name
Miss Kirk
Mona's follower
Simpson girl
"The Simpsons" girl
Soprano Saffer
Alaska senator Murkowski
Dame ___, Jurgen's wife
"David and ___," 1962 film
___ Kirk, singer-actress
Phoebe's player on "Friends"
Phoebe's portrayer on "Friends"
Pop singer Stansfield
Sax-playing Simpson
Sen. Murkowski of Alaska
Soprano Della Casa
"Stay" singer ___ Loeb
"Yanks" star Eichhorn
Actress Edelstein of TV's "House"
Bart Simpson's brainy sister
Bart's toon sister
Given name of Hussein's wife
___ Halaby (Queen Noor of Jordan)
Heroine of Tchaikovsky's "Pique Dame"
Oliver's wife on "Green Acres"
Toon who plays a baritone sax