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"Un ___ di" (Puccini aria) (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer BEL is seen frequently, appearing about once every 150 puzzles.

Related Clues

___ Air
___ canto
___ esprit
___ Geddes
Barbara ___ Geddes
Canto start
Ger. neighbor
Golden apple
Handsome, as Henri
___ Paese cheese
Sound measure
Sound unit
Sounds unit
Unit in acoustics
UniT of sound
Volume measure
Actress Barbar ___ eddes
Actress Barbara ___ Geddes
Air or ami preceder
Brussels's land: Abbr.
___ canto, Callas's forte
___ canto (singing style)
___ canto, singing style
___ and the Dragon (book of the Apocrypha)
___-esprit (witty person)
Puccini's "Un ___ di"
Unit of power ratio
Ann Patchett novel "___ Canto"
___ canto (18th-century singing style)
"Up the Down Staircase" novelist Kaufman


BEL as a noun:

1. (Bel, B) = a logarithmic unit of sound intensity equal to 10 decibels
2. Babylonian god of the earth; one of the supreme triad including Anu and Ea; earlier identified with En-lil