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Volte-face WNW (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ESE is very common and appears about once every 27 puzzles.

Related Clues

180° from WNW
Argot suffix
Canton ender
Capt.'s heading
Compass direction
Compass heading
Compass letters
Compass point
Compass pt.
Compass reading
Computer attachment?
Ending for Siam
Ethnic suffix
Language suffix
Legal conclusion
Lingo suffix
Medical suffix
Opposite WNW
Palindromic dir.
Salt's course
Siam suffix
Suffix with Brooklyn
Suffix with journal
Suffix with legal
Suffix with Peking
A Tyrol ending
Vane direction
WNW opposite
112.5 degrees from N
180 degrees from WNW
Chi.-to-D.C. direction
Cleveland-to-Baltimore dir.
Dir. from Genoa to Rapallo
Erie-to-Phila. dir.
Hamburg-to-Berlin dir.
Journal or Japan suffix
Lubbock-to-Abilene dir.
Oxford-to-London dir.
Saskatoon-to-Winnipeg dir.
Wyo.-to-Mo. direction


ESE as a noun:

1. (east southeast, ESE) = the compass point midway between east and southeast