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Charged particles (4 letter answer)

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The answer IONS is seen frequently, appearing about once every 120 puzzles.

Related Clues

Atomic particles
Ca++ and Cl-
Charge holders
Charged atoms
Charged items
Cyclotron particles
Exchanged items
Exploratorium subject
Free electrons
Na+ and Cl-
Particles in cyclotrons
Physicists' concerns
Physics particles
Radiation products
Some Saturns
Subatomic particles
They're charged
Electrically charged atoms
Na+ and Ca++, e.g.
Particle accelerator particles
Products of gamma rays
Solar wind particles
They carry a charge
They carry charges
Table salt is composed of them
Atoms that have gained or lost electrons
They may be exchanged in chambers


ION as a noun:

1. a particle that is electrically charged (positive or negative); an atom or molecule or group that has lost or gained one or more electrons