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Creep ahead (4 letter answer)

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The answer INCH is seen frequently, appearing about once every 150 puzzles.

Related Clues

1/36 of a yard
2.54 centimeters
Creep (along)
Foot division
Foot part
Kind of worm
Mark of a ruler
Move slowly
Narrow margin
Part of a foot
Proceed slowly
Rainfall measure
Ruler division
Ruler part
Ruler unit
Short distance
Small distance
Small measure
Type of worm
Unit indicated by "
Go slowly (along)
Kind of worm or meal
Make a small move
Move by small degrees
Narrow winning margin
Tiny amount of progress


INCH as a noun:

1. (inch, in) = a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
2. (column inch, inch) = a unit of measurement for advertising space

INCH as a verb:

1. (edge, inch) = advance slowly, as if by inches; "He edged towards the car"