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Dumb one of comics (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer DORA is seen frequently, appearing about once every 110 puzzles.

Related Clues

One of the Copperfields
Cartoon explorer
Copperfield's bride
Copperfield's love
Dickens character
Dickens heroine
Dickens's ___ Spenlow
"Dumb" girl
Dumb girl
Dumb ___ (scatterbrain)
"Gifted" girl
Mrs. Copperfield
Nickelodeon explorer
Nickelodeon's "___ the Explorer"
Nickelodeon's explorer
Poem by Tennyson
Tennyson heroine
"Cannery Row" character
"Cannery Row" woman
Celebrated Freud case
Copperfield's child wife
Copperfield's first wife
"David Copperfield" woman
"Dumb" comics girl
"Dumb ___" (old comic)
The first Mrs. Copperfield
Little explorer on Nickelodeon
___ Maar (Picasso subject)
___ Maar, Picasso subject
Mount ___, Fla. resort
___ Spenlow (Dickens girl)
Celebrated Sigmund Freud patient
Destructive 1964 Florida hurricane
"Dumb" girl of old comics
"Dumb ___," old comic strip
___ Maar (Picasso mistress and subject)
___ Marquez, Nickelodeon cartoon girl
Mrs. Copperfield, née Spenlow
Pseudonym of a noted Freud patient
TV girl with a talking map
TV's "I Married ___": 1987