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Hawks' arena (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer OMNI is seen frequently, appearing about once every 70 puzzles.

Related Clues

All: Prefix
All, to start with
Arena in Atlanta
Atlanta arena
Bus preceder
Bus starter
Directional lead-in
Former Dodge
Hawks' home
Hawks' stadium
Home of the Hawks
Hotel chain
Hyatt alternative
Old Dodge
Prefix for bus
Prefix with bus
Prefix with directional
Prefix with potent
Prefix with present
Prefix with science
Present opener?
Present prefix
Science magazine
Type of bus
Universally: Prefix
Westin alternative
All: Comb. form
Bygone science magazine
Hawks' former home
Old Dodge model
Onetime Atlanta arena
Predecessor of bus or present
Prefix for bus or science
Upscale hotel chain
Upscale chain hotel
Big name in luxury hotels
Bygone science/sci-fi magazine
Magazine that had a "UFO Update"
Onetime sister magazine of Penthouse