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High protein source (4 letter answer)

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The answer PEAS is seen frequently, appearing about once every 130 puzzles.

Related Clues

Snow ___
Split ___
Black-eyed ___
Carrots' partners
Certain veggies
Child's ammo
Dinner serving
Exemplars of twinship
Garbanzos' cousins
Kid's ammo
Like ___ in a pod
Pierre's pois
Pod contents
Pod members
Potpie ingredients
Row in a shell?
Side dish
Some legumes
Stew ingredient
Stew ingredients
Stew veggies
"Sweet" things
Thimblerig units
Vegetables that roll
Black-eyed ones
Cow and field followers
Items split in soup
Mushy ___ (British dish)
Pasta primavera ingredients
Play-gun ammo
Shepherd's pie ingredients
"Split" soup ingredients
They're often split
Items hard to eat with a knife
Shooters may need them
Some are black-eyed
These may be split
They can be sweet
They may be split
What "matar" means on an Indian menu


PEA as a noun:

1. seed of a pea plant used for food
2. the fruit or seed of a pea plant
3. (pea, pea plant) = a leguminous plant of the genus Pisum with small white flowers and long green pods containing edible green seeds