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Historically significant trial (5 letter answer)

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The answer ATEST is seen frequently, appearing about once every 180 puzzles.

Related Clues

Alamogordo event
Atoll explosion
Bikini blast
Bikini event
Blast from the past
Bomb trial
Boom source
Controversial event
Controversial explosion
Greenpeace concern
Nevada blast
Nuclear experiment
Outlawed explosion
"This is only ___"
Banned event, informally
Big bang source
Big blast, informally
Bikini blast, briefly
Bikini blast, informally
Bikini blowout in '46
Bikini event: 1946
Bikini event, once
Defense initiative, for short
Event at Alamogordo: 1945
Mushroom grower, for short?
Mushroom maker, briefly
Mushroom maker, for short
Nuclear event, in headlines
Nuclear trial, for short
Secret event of '45
"This is ___ ?" (radio announcement)
"Time is ___ of Trouble": Dickinson
Trial at Los Alamos
White Sands experiment
1945 Alamogordo event, informally
Remotely monitored event, informally
Bikini event, in old headlines
Onetime Marshall Isl. event
This may have fallout
Cold war-era blast, in headlines