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Jacket type (4 letter answer)

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The answer ETON is very common and appears about once every 31 puzzles.

Related Clues

Bond's school
British school
Choirboy's collar
Class cap
Collar or jacket
College or collar
Cornwallis's school
English school
Harrow rival
Harrow's rival
Jacket or collar
Old school
Royal educator
School on the Thames
Schoolboy's collar
Thames college
Town on the Thames
Visored cap
British public school
Gray ode subject
Historic school on the Thames
James Bond's school
School attended by princes
School Eden attended
School for an English prince
School founded in 1440
School for James Bond
School with King's Scholars
School near Windsor
School for Prince William
School Shelley attended
College founded by Henry VI
English institution since 1440
A footbridge from Windsor leads to it
George Orwell's alma mater
It was founded in 1440
Part of Henry VI's legacy
School attended by King's Scholars
School founded by Henry VI
___ Society (English debating group)
"A Yank at ___," Mickey Rooney flick