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Kind of actor or radio (3 letter answer)

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The answer HAM is seen frequently, appearing about once every 90 puzzles.

Related Clues

Country ___
___ and eggs
Goldwater is one
Overdramatic one
Actor or operator
Bad actor
Cartoonist Fisher
CB buff
Cheese companion
Easter entree
Easter treat
Eggs' companion
Gammon, e.g.
He overacts
Inferior actor
Mugger on stage
Order with eggs
Overacting actor
Part of a Western
Sandwich meat
Scenery chewer
Shack figure
Stage hog
Superheterodyne owner
Swiss accompaniment
Amateur radio operator
Barry Goldwater, e.g.
Biblical ark passenger
Boars Head product
Certain radio operator
Eggs Benedict need
Hot dog's relative
Noah's second son
Not act professionally?
Western omelet ingredient
It often gets cured
Licensed amateur radio operator
Performer yukking it up
Steeler all-pro linebacker


HAM as a noun:

1. (ham, jambon, gammon) = meat cut from the thigh of a hog (usually smoked)
2. (Old Testament) son of Noah
3. a licensed amateur radio operator
4. (ham, ham actor) = an unskilled actor who overacts

HAM as a verb:

1. (overact, ham it up, ham, overplay) = exaggerate one's acting