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List finish (4 letter answer)

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The answer ETAL is very common and appears about once every 31 puzzles.

Related Clues

Cousin of etc.
Etc. kin
Kin of etc.
Relative of etc.
Bibliographical abbr.
Catchall abbr.
Catchall phrase
Et cetera's cousin
Et cetera's kin
Citation abbreviation
And elsewhere: Abbr.
Etc.'s kin
Footnote abbr.
Inclusive abbr.
Indexing abbr.
List ender
List shortener
And others: Abbr.
Series ender
Butcher shop: Fr.
Card catalogue abbr.
Catalog card abbr.
Common Latin abbr.
French butcher shop
Lat. list-ender
List ender: Abbr.
List-ending abbr.
And other people: Abbr.
Series finale, in brief
Short list shortener
And that's not all
Indication that there's more: Abbr.
This could a tale unfold