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M.D.'s who may cure snoring (4 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer ENTS is seen frequently, appearing about once every 150 puzzles.

Related Clues

Doorways: Abbr.
Noun endings
Specialist M.D.'s
Specialty docs
Tolkien beings
Tolkien creatures
Tolkien's Fangorn et al.
Tolkien's ___ of Fangorn
Fangorn Forest race
Forest race of fantasy
Humanoid trees in Tolkien
M.D.'s with tiny flashlights
Middle-earth beings
Middle Earth creatures
Middle-earth creatures
Otolaryngolo-gists, for short
Some A.M.A. members
Tolkein's forest giants
Tolkien forest creatures
Tolkien forest giants
Tolkien tree creatures
Tolkien tree giants
Tolkien tree-giants
Tolkien tree-men
Tolkien's tree creatures
Tolkien's tree herders
Tolkien's tree people
Tolkien's tree shepherds
"The Lord of the Rings" tree creatures
Tolkien's talking tree race
Treebeard and others of Middle-earth
Treelike beings of Middle-earth