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Many Forbes readers have them (4 letter answer)

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The answer MBAS is common and appears about once every 300 puzzles.

Related Clues

Business degrees
C.E.O.'s degrees
C.E.O.'s degs.
Corp. recruits
Degrees for C.E.O.'s
Degs. for execs
Degs. for industrialists
Execs' degs.
Future execs
Many C.E.O.'s
Wharton degs.
Wharton grads
Yuppie degrees
Budding entrepreneurs, for short
Company recruits, for short
Corp. recruits, often
Degs. for future financiers
Degrees for corp. execs
Harvard and Wharton degs.
Many corp. hirees
Many corp. recruits
New corp. hires
Some Kellogg grads
Some Wharton alums
Stern School degs.
Wall St. hirees
Wall St. types
Wharton offerings: Abbr.
Wharton School degs.
C.E.O.'s may have them
Degrees held by many C.E.O.'s
Degs. held by Romney and Bush
Gabon's Prime Minister and family
Many mgrs. have them
Many new corp. hires
Suits often hold them


MBA as a noun:

1. (Master in Business, Master in Business Administration, MBA) = a master's degree in business