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Marilyn Horne offering (4 letter answer)

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The answer ARIA is very common and appears about once every 21 puzzles.

Related Clues

Air on stage
Bjoerling forte
Da capo ___
Diva's delight
Diva's delivery
Diva's forte
Diva's solo
"Dovo sono" is one
Freni's forte
"Habanera" from "Carmen" is one
Met highlight
Mozart piece
"Musetta's Waltz"
Music for Mimi
Opera excerpt
Opera highlight
Operatic highlight
Operatic melody
Operatic solo
Pavarotti piece
Pavarotti selection
Scotto solo
Solo for "Bubbles"
Solo at the Met
Song for Sills
"Summertime," e.g.
"Vissi d'arte" is one
"Caro nome," e.g.
"Casta diva," e.g.
"Casta Diva," from "Norma"
"Celeste Aida," e.g.
Classical singer's selection
Jessye Norman specialty
Mozart's "Dove sono" is one
Part of a score, maybe
Sill's vehicle for trills
Solo for Renata Scotto
Something for trill-seekers?
Song for Marilyn Mims
Strain at La Scala
"Un bel di" is one
"Dite alla giovine," e.g.
It generates Sills' trills
"Quanto è bella," e.g.
Song for Dame Nellie Melba
"Un bel di," e.g.


ARIA as a noun:

1. an elaborate song for solo voice