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Massenet's "___ de Lahore" (5 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer LEROI is common and appears about once every 225 puzzles.

Related Clues

"Vive ___!"
Ibert's "___ d'Yvetot"
The king of France
The king, in France
Playwright Jones
Poet/playwright Jones
Writer Jones
Choisy-___ (Paris suburb)
"___ d'Yvetot," Ibert opera
Hugo play "___ s'amuse"
___ Soleil (Louis XIV)
"The Toilet" playwright Jones
Louis XIV, 1643-1715
Object of an old French cheer
"___ s'amuse," Victor Hugo play
"Viv ___!" (old Parisian cry)
"Vive ___!" (old French cheer)
"Vive ___!" (old French cry)
One wished long life, overseas
Dramatist Jones, now Imamu Baraka
Original first name of playwright Baraka
Poet Jones a k a Amiri Baraka