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"Me?" to Miss Piggy (3 letter answer)

The Answer




The answer MOI is seen frequently, appearing about once every 170 puzzles.

Related Clues

"Pardonnez- ___!"
French pronoun
Hawaiian ruler
"L'état c'est ___"
"L'état, c'est ___"
Me, to Maupassant
Me, in Metz
Me, to Mimi
Me. in Nancy
Ruler, in Hawaii
"Who, me?"
"Après ___ le déluge . . . "
"Après ___ le déluge"
"C'est ___" ("Camelot" song)
Cry of mock indignation
"Li'l ol' me?"
"Little old me?"
Longtime Kenyan leader
Longtime Kenyan president
"Me?," to Miss Piggy
Me, to Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy retort
Miss Piggy's pronoun
Miss Piggy's query
Pronoun for Miss Piggy
Question from Miss Piggy
Reply of faux innocence
Reply of mock aggrievement
"You mean me?"
Kenyan president beginning 1978
Kenyan president Daniel arap ___
Miss Piggy, to Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy, self-referentially
Miss Piggy's favorite pronoun
"You can't mean me!?"
"You don't mean ME?!"