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Opposite of addict (4 letter answer)

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The answer WEAN is common and appears about once every 350 puzzles.

Related Clues

Withdraw (from)
Break from a habit
Break of a habit
Break off
Cut off (from)
Detach from a dependency
Detach gradually
Detach, in a way
Detach (from)
Disaccustom by degrees
Estrange, in a way
Free from dependency
Free from a habit
Gradually remove
Gradually withdraw
Reconcile to a loss
Reconcile to a severance
Remove, as from a habit
Slowly withdraw
Withdraw by degrees
Withdraw from dependency
Withdraw, as from a dependency
Withdraw gradually
Withdraw from a habit
Detach from a source of dependence
Move to solid food
Remove gradually from, with "off"
Take away gradually
Break off from a mother's milk


WEAN as a verb:

1. (wean, ablactate) = gradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother's milk; "she weaned her baby when he was 3 months old and started him on powdered milk"; "The kitten was weaned and fed by its owner with a bottle"
2. detach the affections of